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January 23, 2014

Opinion piece on the importance of drug monitoring published in The Scientist

September 13, 2011 – Andy Stergachis is featured in on the UW School of Public Health’s website in a Q&A session entitled “Keeping Medicines Safe in a Global Economy” following the publication of his August 31 opinion piece in The Scientist. His opinion piece, entitled “Sustainable Drug Monitoring: Pharmacovigilance must keep pace with global distribution of drugs in resource-limited settings,” co-authored with Jur Strobos, the deputy director of the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research, discusses what happens when a country doesn’t have the resources to watch over the medicines given to its citizens. Increasing globalization brings these important issues home as developed countries like the U.S. are now getting medicines from foreign pharmaceutical companies that don’t commit resources to monitoring their own products.

Read the original article in The Scientist here:

Read the interview with Andy Stergachis on the UW SPH website here: