Global Medicines Program

Pharmacovigilance Strategy & Methods Development

We conduct global pharmacovigilance strategy and methods development activities. One completed activity was an assessment of current and planned pharmacovigilance activities within national pharmacovigilance centers in low- and middle-income countries.

With support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this assessment was undertaken in conjunction with the World Health Organization and the Uppsala Monitoring Center. We have also reported on pharmacovigilance activities proposed to the Global Fund Round 8 – Malaria and the President’s Malaria Initiative and contributed to a publication: Global Pharmacovigilance for Antiretroviral Drugs: Overcoming Contrasting Priorities.

Through the Global Medicines Program we conduct post-approval drug safety studies in resource-poor settings, with a focus on active surveillance and registries. We also develop novel methods for global pharmacovigilance are assessing new strategies to increase efficiency of generating and evaluating safety signals, e.g., records linkage, mobile telephone technologies.