Global Medicines Program

January 24, 2014

Supply Chain Strengthening in Malawi: Curriculum Enhancement Summit and Field Visits

A Seattle-based team participated in a 2-day Curriculum Enhancement Summit in Malawi with the faculty and leadership of the Malawi College of Health Sciences Pharmacy Program and the Malawi Ministry of Health to review and enhance the curriculum for the Pharmacy Assistant Program.  Andy Stergachis and Jessica Crawford of VillageReach also visited district hospitals along with John Chipula of the Malawi College of Health Sciences.  The Global Medicines Program teamed with VillageReach and the Barr Foundation to improve supply chain performance and medicines management in rural Malawi.  In collaboration with the Malawi Ministry of Health and the Malawi College of Health Sciences, this three-year program will train 150 pharmacy assistants; increase supply chain capacity; and improve data management.  For more information, please read the following.