Global Medicines Program

January 23, 2014

Don Downing and UW pharmacy students lead medical brigade in Honduras

Don Downing with a Honduran orphan boy at one of the brigade's clinics

Don Downing with a Honduran orphan boy at one of the brigade’s clinics

Don Downing has been actively improving student experiences in Central and South America. As highlighted in UW Today on November 16, 2011, Downing mentored and supervised a group of pharmacy and medical students on a medical brigade in Honduras. The article, complete with a slideshow of photos taken, can be found here:

In addition, Downing has also been mentoring pharmacy students in Peru via skype and email, providing guidance and resources for young students who are looking to improve the way in which pharmaceutical care is conducted in their country.   This activity was a follow-up to a distance learning lecture given to students in Peru by Andy Stergachis on the topic of private sector drug dispenser issues in the Spring Quarter 2011 course, MED560/GH592 Advanced Topics in Global Health: Peru.