Global Medicines Program


Africa Pharmacovigilance Meeting 2012: Ensuring Quality and Safety of Medicines in Sub-Saharan Africa
This important meeting included presentations by Andy Stergachis on PV Metrics and Joseph Babigumira on Tools for Measuring Impact, as well as many other informative presentations, all which can be found here.

Indicator-based Pharmacovigilance Assessment Tool (IPAT)
This Indicator-Based Pharmacovigilance Assessment Tool (IPAT) was developed as a comprehensive performance metric for pharmacovigilance and medicine safety systems.

Resources from the 2010 SPS Pharmacovigilance Conference
The first SPS Pharmacovigilance conference entitled National Pharmacovigilance Systems: Ensuring the Safe Use of Medicines, was highly participatory, including presentations, discussions, and case study exercises.

Pharmacovigilance Toolkit
Managed and Maintained by the WHO Collaborating Centre for Advocacy & Training in Pharmacovigilance, University of Ghana Medical School, Accra, Ghana.